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Why choose Bond Experts

Buying a home is probably one of the single biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. It is a major financial commitment but also an emotional experience that can result in an exciting experience with Bond Experts by your side throughout the home loan application process.

Bond Experts is an independent bond originator company that specializes in home loan applications on your behalf and will simultaneously negotiate the best possible interest rates at various banks and take care of all the paperwork.

Bond Experts can also assist you to increase your home loan to the current market value of your property (2nd Bond) or register a new mortgage on your bond free property with no cost to you.

Whether you are building, investing or buying an established property, Bond Experts will provide a free service and give expert advice on your home loan application to structure the best possible deal for you.


To meet the repayment requirements on the purchase of your new property, the banks will take the following into consideration when applying for your mortgage: 
  • 30% of your gross income and / or your nett disposable income
  • Your current and future monthly expenditure
  • Possible increase in the Base Home loan Rate
The Bond Repayment Calculator will assist you in determining your monthly bond repayments. It is advisable that you use the Base Home Loan Rate as a benchmark.

You should be in a position to afford repayments at this rate. Consider a 2% rise in the rate and determine your affordability - will you be able to afford an increase in your bond repayments? Naturally, a rate below the Base Home Loan Rate you qualify for is a bonus. The Income Qualification Calculator will assist you to determine your affordability.

Mortgage Options

Our expert consultants at our national call centre are on standby to discuss your various mortgage options.


This is the most conventional interest rate that would apply to most mortgages. The rate quoted is linked to the Base Home Loan Rate and is subject to the fluctuations of this rate. Your debit order will be adjusted automatically should the rates change.


This is the rate contracted between you and the bank for a pre-determined term, 12, 18, or 24 months. A three-month Fixed Rate option is available for those who qualify. The Fixed Rate will appeal to those who wish to fix their home loan repayments without the influence of the Mortgage Bond Rate, allowing for better budgeting. Fixed rate option only availible after registration of your home loan and not upfront.


This is the fees paid to the attorney to registrate the home loan with the banks

  no bond registration cost on your home loan
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